Windows phone 7 - Interactive xbox live demo

Role: Concept / Art Direction. CW: Emily Smeraldo.  Agency: CP+B Boulder.  

To promote the launch of Xbox Live gaming on the new Windows Phone 7, we created an interactive ad on Xbox Live that would allow your Avatar to interact with Laura Foy right there on the live interface. 

We wanted to let gamers know that with Windows Phone, you can take your Xbox Live experience anywhere. So we designed an intro animation that fooled people into believing their entire Xbox Live home screen was being sucked into the Windows Phone. We made sure our design matched everything on the user’s TV screen to help make it feel real. All you had to do was click on the Windows Phone ad tile. The intro then led to a clean brand experience where people could watch demos of Xbox Live on the Windows Phone, or check out the TV commercials. The branded experience turned out to be one of the most successful ever on Xbox Live.