"THE LAST" - Shot in NYC during the last Winter Storm in 2015.

Ovadia & Sons FF15 - Short fashion film featuring Michael Zegen from Boardwalk Empire.  In collaboration with Tagui Naderzad.

"THE BOARDWALK" - A social experiment of sorts. I walked outside with the goal of finding something to shoot in a span of 2 hours. I met these guys and made a little film with them within 30 minutes. 

"Black Chandelier" is an alternative short film / music video for Biffy Clyro commissioned by Warner Bros UK.   Role: Director / DP / Editor / Colorist.  Co-Directed with Dave Ramirez.

Social State - Book Trailer for Social State Book by E.C. Torreblanca

Shot, edited and directed by me.

"Odesza - iPlayYouListen" (Official)  -  No budget music video I shot + directed for Odesza.  Everything was done in 2 days. This was my first music vid.

'Monuments' was shot in a 24-hour span around Dubai, UAE.

"Closer" -  Testing out anamorphic glass on the Gh4.

"Washed Away" - Scenes from the deserted and desolate Rockaway Beach, NY just days after Hurricane Sandy devastated the area.